Disney Dining Plan

    How it works:

    • Select the Disney Dining Plan that meets your budget and needs when book you holiday.
    • You’ll be able to choose from an exhaustive selection of over 100 restaurants.
    • Prior to ordering, present your ‘Key to the World’ card, which will electronically monitor all allocated meals of your party.
    • The easy to read receipt keeps a meal balance to show how many meals are remaining. Your server will provide you with this.
    • You can redeem these meals in any order during the whole of you holiday until the meal total of each member in your party is complete.
    • No need to exchange currency from pounds to dollars as you’ll be paying in sterling for the majority of your holiday dining.
    • The meal deal means that you won’t have to carry as much money around with you!
    • Planning the cost in advance makes staying with your travelling budget a whole lot easier.
    • Save up to 40% off the cost of meals purchased individually with Disney’s Dining Plan.

    Which Disney Dining Plan might be right for you?

    The Quick Service Plan (per night stay)

    • 2 quick (counter)-service meals
    • 2 snacks
    • 1 refillable resort mug per person

    The Dining Plan (per night stay)

    • 1 quick-service meal
    • 1 table-service meal
    • 1 snack

    The Deluxe Plan (per night stay)

    • 3 table-service or quick-service meals
    • 2 snacks
    • 1 refillable Resort mug per person

    More details on Disney’s Dining Plans

    Please note that gratuities will not be included unless they are indicated otherwise. Automatically, an 18% charge of gratuity will be added to bills for groups of six or more people. Additionally, an obligatory gratuity may be added for items ordered which are not stated in your Disney Dining Plan. This, for example, might be an alcoholic beverage.

    Photo-imaging and merchandise that might be on offer at the Character Dining Experiences will not be included. The exception here, however, is Cinderella’s Royal Table.

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