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A holiday in Miami will furnish the discerning eye with some visually beautiful Art Deco structures in the South Beach neighbourhood. Discover an array of lively bars on Ocean Drive, top up your tan, and see some of America’s best sports teams like the Miami Heat, Florida Marlins and Miami Dolphins. All this in a Miami minute!

Whether you’re looking for an exciting night out, a restful lounge upon a beach, or a glimpse of American sporting brilliance, Miami is an amalgam of North America’s best bits!

Luxury holidays in Miami

For something a little more indulgent and exclusive, let Miami holidays present you with a host of fine spas, restaurants and bars to fill your days in the sun with an abundance of elegance and fun.

You’ll be surrounded in a seemingly anachronistic atmosphere of Art Deco and neon, but with every updated luxury and convenience. The feel of South Beach in the evening will give you a sense of the roaring twenties of the jazz age. So, succumb to Miami’s beauty with cocktail in hand and let Kenwood Travel send you to another time!

10 great reasons to holiday in Miami

  • A multitude of historic sites
  • Luxurious spas
  • A rich collection of theatres
  • Spirited bar and club scene!
  • Beautiful and unique architecture known as ‘Miami Modernism’
  • Famous beaches including Miami Beach
  • Amazing weather!
  • Want sports? See the Florida Marlins at Miami Ballpark, or watch LeBron James and Dwyane Wade sparkle in Miami Heat’s dream team!
  • Great selection of performing arts and entertainment
  • A culinary scene reflecting the city’s diverse cultural roots

Things to do whilst on holiday

When you’re walking the artistically arranged streets of Miami’s South Beach on Ocean Drive, make sure the beaches aren’t your only places of interest.

When it comes to culinary richness, Miami has it. Influenced by Caribbean and Latin American traditions, adding to current American cuisine, you’ll encounter a taste of ‘Floribbean’. This strangely named strand of food is a diverse mixture of the regions’ European and South American roots. With an emphasis on fish and spices, the use of fresh fruits and citrus, you’ll go crazy for the food in Miami.

Come and visit the Miami Science Museum and get a glimpse of how we understand the world around us. With the use of the museums’ planetarium and observatory, you’ll be stunned by the celestial arrangements to be learnt under the Florida sky.

The nightlife here is varied, with relaxing spots as well as more spirited venues to visit. With your choice of little taverns, grand jazz bars, and fashionable clubs, your night out will be one to remember. You might even spot a celebrity taking a whistle-stop tour of the club scene!

For a slice of natural beauty check out the Fairchild Tropical Gardens in Coral Gables for a family friendly day out. With 83-acres of tropical grounds you’ll be roaming tropical ground between trips to the beach.


The climate in this region of North America is hot and humid in the summer, with warm winters and drier summers in comparison to other states. The weather here is influenced by both the benefit of being slightly above the Tropic of Cancer, and having a close proximity to the Gulf Stream. There’s also a Hurricane season in the area, which occurs from June to November.

Interesting facts about Miami

  • Area – 55.27 sq. miles
  • Settled in 1825
  • City population – 399,457
  • Currency – Dollars

Miami Holidays 2013

Avoid missing out and book early for 2013 and 2014. Here at Kenwood Travel we can provide luxury all inclusive holidays, weddings and honeymoons. We have 30 years worth of experience! So let us pass on our in-depth knowledge to provide you with a truly bespoke package. Uncover something new with a journey to ‘The Gateway of the Americas’.

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